“They Call it a Dog”

“They Call it a Dog” has found a patron! We wish them all the best on their new adventures!

Notes on BEINGS:

+Society of living metal Beings

+An older Being will create new Beings

+The creator Being is called a “Fitter”

+”Fitters” use one of their own parts to start a new being

+New/shiny parts mixed into the worn/aged/corroded parts indicate a Being who has built others or flirts with danger.

+A Being’s “first fitting” (IE It’s first part) is their most prized possession.

+Young beings have less age/wear/corrosion. IE shinny beings are babies.

“They Call it a Dog” is made of reclaimed Copper, Steel, Brass, Glass, Red & Green /Blue LEDs.  Dog measures just over 21″ long and 12″ wide.  From ground to tail tip, Dog is 8 1/2″ tall.

Dog = Duty

du·ty from Google dictionary

noun: duty; plural noun: duties

1. a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.

2. a task or action that someone is required to perform.

Each Dog has a very specific list of obligations and responsibilities. While fulfilling these duties, Dogs can be focused, tenacious, efficient and (when needed) aggressive. Other Beings have been known to complain that a Dog’s unthinking devotion to duty cause them to have little care for nuance or the repercussions of their actions. Dog’s don’t seem to notice or care about these complaints. If their obligations are met, someone else can dither over the whys and hows.

The dispatching of a Dog’s duties are what fuels the Dog’s ability to seek out whatever entertainments it desires. Duty complete and free of worry or doubt; a Dog’s extra-curricular activities can be as varied as the Dogs themselves. Finding the perfect patch of earth, greeting every new Being they see, tasting everything at least once- are some common examples of Dog like distraction. Some Dogs having so many pursuits that to the uninitiated they seem to run in aimless circles. Other Dogs will focus on single pursuits (for example: the intricate dance of strings and particles) to the extent that they seem to “shut down” between duty cycles. Most Dogs fall in between these extremes, sometimes exploring the realm of the senses and other-times the realm of the mind.